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Graduate Student Research Projects

  1. Colorado Rockies Origins and transects (CREST)
    Overview Article                     station map     
           Preliminary Seismic Results

  2. British Columbia Batholith origins and transects
New Results Summer 2009
         Diffusive noise imaging

  3. Yellowstone mantle plume seismic imaging
Diffusive/Ballistic paper   Crustal Flow Paper

  4. Laramie seismic array crustal imbrication using Pds/Sdp
BSSA paper

  5. Western US 410 km low velocity layer using Pds
Ristra array paper

  6. Carbon sequestration seismic monitoring
Joint project with Dr. Mallick starts Fall 2009

7. 2010 IRIS Meeting at Snowbird Posters

Transportable Array Tau-P and V(z) models 
Colorado Rockies Receiver function Moho  
RISTRA 410 km discontinuity low velocity layer 
Isabella Anomaly Rayleigh dispersion with SNEP+TA

8. 2009 EarthScope Meeting Posters
Yellowstone     Batholith      Laramie      410-low-velocity-layer

Seismic Field Work Photo Galleries

Kyrgystan Seismic Swap             Batholith Project British Columbia  

 CREST Project Photos:   Aug-08 install   Dec-08 visit   March-09 visit

  Plume Image    

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Graduate Students (Fall 2010)

Steve Hansen PhD    Zhu Zhang PhD  Joe McClenahan MS  Katie Foster PhD

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Graduate Geophysics Curriculum Info.

 Some Former Graduate Students

Josh Stachnik (PhD 2010)  
Post-doc in seismology at CIRES

Huaiyu Yuan (PhD 2007)
Post-doc in seismology at Berkeley

John Jabinsek (PhD 2008)
Professor at California Polytechnic

Brian Zurek (MS 2004)
PhD at Lehigh Univ., Now at Exxon-Mobil

David Fee (MS 2005)
PhD in acoustics at Hawaii Univ., Now at AEIC

Course Work Taught

  Graduate level  
Global Seismology     Inverse Theory

Undergraduate level 
 Introduction to Geophysics     Earth Science: Intellect. Comm.