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A course in the dynamics of the earths cryosphere

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Homework #1

Thur, Feb 7, 2019







Homework #2

Thur, Feb 28 2019

Read Chapters 1, 2 in Cuffey and Patterson (skip 2.5.2 and .3).  Chapter 3 is VERY dense, but you can skim it.





Homework #3

Thur, Mar 7, 2019

Read chap 4 & 5 in C&P

Homework #3





Despite what I said in class, there is NOT a homework due for the week after spring break





Homework #4

Tuesday, April, 9, 2019







Homework #5, Note, I know I said there would be homework for Tuesday 16th, but since only half the class was there, it won’t be due till Thursday


Thursday, April 18,2019



Tues, Feb 28

Read chap 6 in C&P

Homework #6




Example of old midterm, we may not have covered some of this material

Tues. April 18

Example old final exam









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