Processes and Products of Extensional Tectonics in the Southern Basin and Range





GEOLOGY 5200-05 Spring Break 2006 March 11-18




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Sacramento Detachment Fault






During Spring Break, 2006, Professor Barbara John led 8 students interested in the mechanics of crustal deformation processes on a tour of the highly extended southern Basin and Range. The foci of this trip were to investigate the mechanics of faulting and deformation in mid- to upper crustal regimes, and to examine the nature of normal fault contacts believed to have formed and accommodated slip at low-angle orientations (<30 degrees). A three-day canoe trip down the Colorado River took the group through the beautiful Topock Gorge, and revealed impressive geologic relationships in this highly extended region.






Acknowledgements: The participants would especially like to thank the University of Wyoming's Department of Geology and Geophysics for financial and logistical support of this field trip. Without this help, the trip would not have been possible.