Dr.  Ye  Zhang
Subsurface Hydrology
Contact Information:
E-mail: yzhang9 at uwyo dot edu
Office: GE 220
Phone: 307-223-2292 (Office; GE 220)
Phone: 307-766-9895 (Lab; GE 315)
Fax:     307-766-6679
Department of Geology & Geophysics
Dept. 3006
1000 E University Ave.
University of  Wyoming
Laramie, WY 82071

We develop and apply numerical, statistical, and field-based methods to investigate subsurface fluid flow, solute transport, and chemical reactions in soils, aquifers, and deep reservoirs. We work on techniques ranging from scaling theory, inverse methods, to hydrogeophysics. Research projects include aquifer characterization and modeling, surface/groundwater interaction, subsurface energy extraction, and deep waste disposal. Funding comes from the US National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, American Chemical Society (Petroleum Research Fund), Wyoming Water Development Commission, and UW School of Energy Resources. We collaborate with scientists and engineers at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Schlumberger, Colorado School of Mines, and at UW. Computing resources we access include clusers [ARCC] and supercomputers [NWSC].

Graduate Student Opportunities: Please read [Admission Information] and contact me if you have questions. Students with strong quantitative background and computer programming skills are encouraged to apply.

Miscellaneous Info:
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