My research spans biogeochemistry, ecology, and physiology on modern & geological timescales. I ask questions to better understand ecological & evolutionary responses to environmental change.

I dabble in the modern to characterize the isotopic patterns associated with physiology and ecology, then explore ecosystem responses. Much of my past research has focused on sharks, but I have ongoing projects with whales, snakes, birds, antelope, and will soon be working with plants.


University of Wyoming

Dept. of Geology & Geophysics, ESB 1016

1000 E. University Ave. #3006

Laramie WY 82071


Email: SKim11(at)

Sora Lee Kim

On the drive down to Sunlight Basin in the Absaroka Wilderness, east of Yellowstone National Park

Dept. of Geology & Geophysics

University of Wyoming

Postdoctoral Researcher

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