Angevine, C.L., Heller, P.L., and Paola, C., 1990, Quantitative Sedimentary Basin Modeling: American Association of Petroleum Geologists Shortcourse Note Series #32, 247 pp.

This publication is out of print and so is reproduced here (copyright has been returned to us), with only minor modifications (a few extra figures).

Click below to download PDF versions of all (but one) chapters.

Chapter 2: Introduction and The Primary Mechanisms of Basin Subsidence [14.8 Mb]

Chapter 3: Subsidence Analysis (geohistory and backstripping) [49.7 Mb]

Chapter 4: Thermal Subsidence [44.8 Mb]

Chapter 5: Flexure of the Lithosphere [62.1 Mb]

Chapter 6: Basin Classification and Subsidence Mechanisms [29.6 Mb]

Chapter 7: The Role of Sedimentation, Subsidence and Sea Level in the Formation of Foreland Basin Sequences [53.9 Mb]

Chapter 8: Passive Margin Stratigraphy 26.4 Mb]

Chapter 9: Basin Filling Models (87.3) [Superseded by Paola, C., 2000, Quantitative models of sedimentary basin filling: Sedimentology, v. 47, p. 121-178.]

References and Further Reading [34.6 Mb]

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