Provided by Ron Shreve (UCLA) and Tom Drake (North Carolina State)

Total Time = 1:57 (7.9 MB)

 These are selected scenes from "Bedlaod Transport of Binary Mixtures of Coarse Sand nd Fine Gravel" by Ronald L. Shreve and Thomas G. Drake. Produced with support from the Donors of the Petroleum Research Fund.

First scene shows a slow motion view (slowed by 10x) of sand (95%) and gravel (5%) as seen from above.

Second scene shows a mixture of sand (80%) and gravel (20%) as seen from the side. The speed is slowed by 5 x. Note the careful use of lighting to highlight the action. Starting at about 58 seconds in a bedload sheet begins to prograde into view.

Third scene is the same mixture but closer and slowed down by 5 x.