Debris Flows in the Moscardo Torrent (Eastern Italian Alps)

Provided by Andrea Deganutti, Massimo Arattano & Lorenzo Marchi, Institute for Hydrological and Geological Prevention, Padova and Torino, Italy

Total Time: 5:08 (30.7 MB)

Shows two debris flow events, each with secondary surges, along an alluvial fan channel a couple of tens of meters across, at the base of a small (~4 km2) catchment. The events are shown in real time, however, each flow has been edited to compress time (just watch the clock). The first event, on June 22, 1996, lasted about 10 minutes. Its initial surge of muddy water moved at 4.8 m/sec. Its peak surge happens about 50 seconds later and carried boulders several cubic meters in volume. The second event, on July 8, 1996, lasted about 12 minutes. Inital surge was 5.4 m/sec but averages closer to 4 m/sec.

The original version of this movie comes with a sound track and some graphics (that, on compression, lose too much resolution for reproduction here) showing the topography and discharge history.

View of the Moscardo Torrent drainage with alluvial fan at base.

View of the channel, a couple of tens of meters wide

Topo. map of Moscardo Torrent. Red spots show where monitoring equipment was placed, including the video camera (red rectangle on north side of stream).

Discharge (stage height) during 3 flood events, showing secondary surges after initial surge.