This movie is an edited version of the debris flow videotape compiled by John Costa of the U.S.G.S. (Water Resources Division), albeit without his glorious sound track.

We have roughly organized the clips from initiation, dry and wet transport, freezing, destruction and brave souls who try to sample the flows.

TOTAL TIME: 5:03 (26.3 MB)

Start to 0:46 - Early images show mass wasting of hill slopes.

0:46 &endash; 2:23 &endash; Relatively dry flows.

1:18- 1:35 - Migration of coarsest debris to the frontal snouts of flow.

1:57 &endash; Note shadow of photographer on flow, for scale.

2:24 &endash; 3:25 - Relatively wet flow. This flow has several surging waves as it comes out of the canyon. Two are shown at 2:24, and 2:58.

3:14 &endash; Nice view of levees along side of channel from previous flows.

3:35 - 4:49 &endash; Note these flows may behave like water, but they are relatively dry flows.

3:35 &endash; Note height of runup on canyon wall could be used to calculate velocity of flow.

4:49 &endash; 5:03 &endash; Examples, from Japan, of researchers collecting material from moving flows.