Gravelly Braided Stream - N. Fork Toutle River, Washington

Provided by Paul Heller, University of Wyoming

Total Time = 1'14" (6.7 Mb)

View down into N. Fork of Toutle River valley from view point on hill to north. This river was buried under mudflows following the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in the early 1980's. Since that time the river has reworked the sediment into a dramatic gravelly braid plain. View first looks up valley to east at the flank of St. Helens and then zooms in to show the river is braided far upstream. The scene cuts about 5+ km downstream to show braiding during low flow in the river. The vegetated highs around the plains are remnants of old mudflows. The pans stop here and there to allow views of shapes of bars. Finally it pans down valley to show whole width of braid plain. Still it is incised into old mudflows. You can barely make out the crest of the (filled) sediment dam in distance.