Experimental Delta 12-1

Provided by Kyle Straub, Tulane University

These three movies show the results of building an experimental river-dominated delta into a tank, experiment 12-1.

Video 1 - shows the experimental run. 9 hours of run time is compressed to 3:59. Water is dyed blue. Note the frequency and distribution of delta lobe switching.

Video 2 - shows just the stratigraphy of the delta during hours 657 to 1156 along three transects. The top transect is across the proximal part of the delta (the inner curved line on the image). The middle transect is across the distal part of the delta (the outer curved line). The lower panel shows the stratigraphy along a down flow line bisecting the delta. This stratigraphy is built by successive topographic (bathmetric) images.

Video 3 - show the topographic development of the delta during the entire run. Note that sea level is shown as white.