Subaqueous Debris Flow in the "Fish Tank" at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota

Provided by: Gary Parker (Univeristy of Illinois, Urbana)

Total Time: = 15" (6.8 Mb)

Example of creating a subaqueous debris flow in a submerged flume. The movie is in real time, giving you a sense of how fast the feature moves. The camera stays with the snout of the flow where you can notice: hydroplaning below the snout (see 1 below); and elutriation by water being incorporated through the flow and creating a turbidity current. Note there are some frame repeats which gives the movie a bit of a jerky feel. I couldn't improve the quality of the movie.

1. Mohrig, D., Whipple, K. X., Hondzo, M., Ellis, C., and Parker, G., 1998, Hydroplaning of subaqueous debris flows: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 110, no. 3, p. 387-394.