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(PDF 1.1 Mb) Heller, P.L., McMillan, M.E., and Humphrey, N., 2010, Climate-induced formation of a closed basin: Great Divide Basin, Wyoming: Geological Society of America Bulletin, in press.

(PDF 606 Kb) Hajek, E.A., Heller, P.L., and Sheets, B.A., 2010, Signifiance of channel-belt clustering in alluvial basins: Geology, v. 38, p. 535-538.

(PDF 2.2 Mb) Hajek, E.A., Huzurbazar, S.V., Mohrig, D., Lynds, R.M., and Heller, P.L., 2010, Statistical characterization of grain-size distributions in sandy fluvial systems: Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 80, p. 184-192.

(PDF 410 Kb) Xie, X. and Heller, P.L., 2009, Plate tectonis and basin subsidence history: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 121, p. 33-64.

(PDF 804 Kb) McMillan, M.E., Heller, P.L., and Wing, S.L., 2006, History and causes of post-Laramide relief in the Rocky Mountain orogenic plateau: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 118, no. 3-4, p. 393-405.

(PDF 1.6 Mb) Liu, S., Heller, P.L., Zhang, G., 2003, Mesozoic basin development and tectonic evolution of the Dabieshan orogenic belt, central China: Tectonics, v. 22, no. 4, 1038, 10.1029/2002TC001390.

(PDF 724 Kb) Heller, P.L., Dueker, K., and McMillan, M.E., 2003, Post-Paleozoic alluvial gravel transport as evidence of continental tilting in the U.S. Cordillera, Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 115, p. 1122-1132.

(PDF 13.2 Mb) McMillan, M.E., Angevine, C.L., and Heller, P.L., 2002, Postdepositional tilt of the Miocene-Pliocene Ogallala Group on the western Great Plains: evidence of late Cenozoic uplift of the Rocky Mountains: Geology, v. 30, p. 63-66.

(PDF 57.9 Mb) Hwang, I. G. and P. L. Heller, 2002, Anatomy of a transgressive lag: Panther Tongue Sandstone, Star Point Formation, central Utah: Sedimentology, v. 49, p. 977-1000.

(PDF 15.4 Mb) Heller, P.L., Paola, C., Hwang, I., John, B., and Steel, R., Geomorphology And Sequence Stratigraphy Due To Slow And Rapid Base-level Changes In An Experimental Subsiding Basin (XES 96-1): American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, v. 85, p. 817-838.

(PDF 10.8 Mb) Heller, P.L., Beland, P.E., Humphrey, N.F., Konrad, S.K., Lynds, R.M., McMillan, M.E., Valentine, K.E., Widman, Y.A., and Furbish, D., 2001, Paradox of downstream fining and weathering rind formation in the lower Hoh River, Olympic Peninsula, Washington: Geology, v. 29, p.971-974.

(PDF 11.5 Mb) Mohrig, D., Heller, P.L., Paola, C., and Lyons, W.J., 2000, Interpreting avlusion process from ancient alluvial sequences: Guadalope-Matarranya system (northern Spain) and Wasatch Formation (western Colorado): Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 112, p. 1787-1803).

(PDF 31.1 Mb) Paola, C., Mullin, J., Ellis, C., Mohrig, D., Swenson, J.B., Parker, G., Hickson, T., Heller, P.L.; Pratson, L.; Syvitski, J., Sheets, B., Strong, N., 2001, Experimental Stratigraphy: GSA Today, v. 11,p. 4-9.

(PDF 7.7 Mb) Burns, B.A., Heller, P.L., Marzo, M., and Paola, C., 1997, Fluvial response in a sequence stratigraphic framework: Example for the Montserrat Fan Delta, Spain: Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 67, no. 2, p. 311-321.

(PDF 7.1 Mb) Heller, P.L., and Paola, C., 1996, Downstream changes in alluvial architecture: An exploration of controls on channel-stacking patterns: Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 66, no. 2, p. 297-306.

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