Photos to accompany: Post-Paleozoic alluvial gravel transport as evidence of continental tilting in the U.S. Cordillera; Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 115, p. 1122-1132
Above. Color version of Figure 3. Lytle Formation just north of Ft. Collins, Colorado, on route 287 towards Laramie. Part of the Lower Cretaceous gravels
(< left) Buckhorn Conglomerate in the San Rafael Swell of Utah. Part of the Lower Cretaceous gravels. Buckhorn is the sheet conglomerate capping the fine-grained Morrision Formation (Late Jurassic). (right >) Shinarump Conglomerate (Triassic) below Aztec Sandstone (Jurassic) in Spring Mountains, Nevada, west of Las Vegas. Shinarump Conglomerate is thin black line at base of small hill in left foreground. Aztec is massive, white cliff in background.
< left - Cloverly Formation at Seminoe Reservoir, central Wyoming. Part of the Lower Cretaceous gravels.
right > Shinarump Conglomerate at base of hill in photo above. Red Rocks park is in the distance.
< left - Ash Hollow Member of the Ogallala Formation at Ash Hollow State Park in west-central Nebraska. Charlie Angevine for scale.
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updated: July 20, 2007