Fundamentals of Research (GEOL 5020)
This course is designed to be boot camp for incoming graduate students to: (A) become familiar with the “business” of science (i.e. how do I get funding, become visible and get a job?); (B) refine their communication skills; (C) get a jump start on developing a research project (ideally to be part of a MS or PhD thesis); (D) familiarize incoming graduate students on the workings of the department; and (E) have an opportunity to get to know their peers and some of the faculty.

Engineering and Environmental Geophysics (CE 5321 /GEOL 5321)
The content in this class fills the need for civil/environmental/transportation engineers and earth scientists to be capable at applying near-surface geophysical measurements and understanding the strengths and limitations of these methods for solving problems. Topics covered include principals of ground penetrating radar, electrical resistivity, seismic, nuclear magnetic resonance, rock physics relationships, inversion and other topics. A review of examples from the peer-reviewed scientific/engineering literature is presented. Students collect lab and field datasets and process and interpret the data.